Every now and then I also do family photography. My favourite kind of shoots are mothers with their little ones. Mothers are often the ones that rarely get to be in the family photos because they are the ones making the photos the whole time. Also, I just love documenting motherly love. It’s something so super precious!
This mommy & me session with Katarina and her lovely daughter Nona took place in a small park just around the corner of their home. At first sight it didn’t look like anything special. A stretch of grass for kids to play ball games, a small group of trees, a little pond, a few patches of wild flowers and a number of benches scattered accross the area which were mostly occupied by elderly couples and two teenagers making out.
But honestly, that is all you ever need for beautiful family photography. There’s no need to look far for that perfectly beautiful and suitable photoshoot location. The everyday places of your life are often the best – the park where you go with your family on Wednesday afternoons, your own home, backyard, the graffiti alley next to the train station or supermarket. Those places tell your story, and force me to focus on the subject – YOU – instead of the surroundings!

(This piece of piano reminds me of being a little kid. I remember vaguely hearing it often, I think my dad had this phase where he would play Satie all the time).