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breathe. feel. live. wander. love. repeat.

Imagine your dream wedding day for a second

does it include…

Doing what makes you come alive with the person you can be your weird whimsical self with?

Breathing in the fresh morning air, throwing your hair in the wind and wandering off into the sunset?

Celebrating the start of this new adventure together in a way that is truly reflective of who you are, with the people that truly matter?

“Everything you can imagine is real”

– Pablo Picasso

Your wedding doesn’t have to be the formal and traditional affair that most weddings are. It doesn’t have to involve a stressful timeline, anxiety about meeting the expectations of family members, or shaking hands all afternoon.

No, your wedding can be as unique, different and awesome as you want it to be. And I am 100% on your side in making that happen!

Hi there, I’m Isis!

I’m here to capture your love, your adventure, your story, just the way it feels.

I shoot intimate weddings and adventurous elopements, and I’ll be there to walk you through every step of the process. From helping you find the perfect location for your vows, to getting you in touch with the best vendors for your day.

So, how does this work?


Let’s meet, over the phone / Skype / in person.


Reserve your date.


Let’s plan your wedding / elopement!


It’s your day! I’ll make pictures so that you can relive it forever.

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what even is an elopement?

In short:

An elopement is a really small wedding, with just the two of you or anywhere from two up to twenty-ish guests. 

Eloping is 100% about celebrating your love in the most intentional and true-to-you way.

Eloping gives you the chance to say yes to your favourite human whenever and wherever you want. Usually in a pretty epic location in nature or a beautiful city.

An elopement is fuss-free. It sure requires a hell of a lot less planning than a traditional wedding.

Most beloved adventures

Cecilia + Simon

Betul + Baris

Stefanie + Thomas


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Featured on Lookslikefilm
Featured on Lookslikefilm
Featured on Lookslikefilm
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