Feel free to be as creative, different, introvert, crazy, wild, shy or whimsical as you truly are.

{ Hey, it’s me, Isis }

I love travel, new flavours, smells and sounds. I love people who live with passion and treasure the raw beauty of life. I love dancing, preferably in the summer rain, the morning fog over the fields, the smell of pine trees and wild flowers. I love old cities, the brawling life, their weathered brick walls, and the centuries of history they hold. I love tea and freshly picked strawberries and panna cotta and prosecco.

PS. I also love my husband! Just in case you were puzzled by the images on this page 🙂

Pure, soulful and poetic images are what I want to create. Melancholic but at the same time full of joie-de-vivre.

{ European wedding photographer }

I want you to feel free to be as creative, different, introvert, crazy, wild, shy, whimsical as you truly are. I observe without interrupting and document the story of your day in all its beautiful detail. I’ll catch those things that you may have missed, the small moments in between all the emotions: the excitement, the laughter, the joy, and the occasional tear.

I’ll be more than just your photographer. I’ll also be your ally, jack-of-all-trades, problem-solver and silly supporter!
I’m there every step of the way to give you advice wherever needed, to help you find your dream vendors, venue, locations, and even to sew on a missing button on your suit or dress on the day, or give you that little pep talk for your speech.


travel plans


January – Malaga, ES | Ardennes, BE
February – Tuscany + Rieti + Puglia, IT
April – Copenhagen, DK
May – Ghent, BE
June – Abruzzo, IT
September – Tuscany, IT
October – Antwerp, BE


January – Lago Maggiore + Rome, IT
February – Tuscany, IT
May – Ghent, BE
June – Schiermonnikoog, NL
August – Rieti, IT
September – Ystad, SE + Tuscany, IT
November – Rieti, IT

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The best places to elope in Europe

Betul + Baris

Rocca Calascio, Italy

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