Gold rimmed tableware, the aged wood of antique furniture, shoes straight from a fairytale, heavy gemstone jewelry and flowers as if they were painted by the Dutch Masters. The inspiration for this styled vintage wedding was taken from the soul of old things. Things with their own story and history.
Most vintage weddings, whether they be styled shoots or real weddings, look at the glitter and glamour of movies such as The Great Gatsby. I wanted to show another side of the 1920s. The moody and industrial vibes of BBC series Peaky Blinders were at the back of my head throughout the whole process, from organising to shooting and post processing.
I gathered a team of wedding professionals who share my love of beautiful raw materials and old ‘stuff’. The result was a fantastic day with a dream team who gave it their all!

This is the first styled shoot I have ever organised, but there will most probably be more of them. (Actually the next one is in the making already). My inner stylist has always been happy with styled weddings. They give you a unique opportunity to create a perfect wedding world for yourself, for just one afternoon. The photographer in me, who is always looking for real emotions, was always a bit doubtful. Aren’t they too fake? Too manufactured? But then I realised that when your models are a real life couple and the moment of the first look is genuinely a first look… The emotions you get are as real as with any other couple session!


Organisaton & photography: Isis Sturtewagen Fotografie | Location, styling & flowers: Villa Muze | Videography: Agape Stories | Dress: Japon Vintage Trouwjurken | Jewellery: Bobini Roots | Shoes of the bride: Elsa Coloured Shoes | Stationary: Maaike’s Live Painting | Tableware: De Engelse Serre | Bow tie: Bartek Design | Models: Coco + Lex