Miret and Vyasa totally rocked this engagement session. This whole shoot there were three cameras pointed their way. My photography bff Ilka van Wieren and I teamed up to do a posing mentoring session with Nadia, a beginning photographer eager to learn. Slightly nervous Ilka and I walked to the beautiful enclosed garden of the cathedral in Utrecht. Not feeling too sure if we were entirely ready for teaching other photographers. A wee bit more nervous because we chose a pair of wedding videographers as models for the occasion.

We learned quite a few things that morning. First, you are never ready for something until you decide to just throw yourself into the deep and and give it a shot. Second, shooting together with others is one of the most stimulating and inspiring things. And third, teaching others teaches you things about yourself you never even realised were there to know.

Those moments spent with¬†truly extraordinary and beautiful people are why I love this job so much. It’s quite wonderful that apparently random people can be so incredibly in sync for a few hours on an random Monday morning¬†(sorry for getting a bit cheesy here). Let’s just get to it shall we?


And some behind the scenes shots for you because they are pretty damn cute.