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for photographers and other creatives

Teaching and mentoring was my job before photography and it makes me so happy that other creative women have been reaching out to me over the past years about mentor sessions. I love helping you find your zone of magic, bringing your dreams to life, and tapping into your self-confidence.

For a long time I have felt that being me, with all my imperfections and weird quirks, sat in the way of getting the life that I wanted and making my dreams happen.

I know what that feels like. But we are all imperfect and a little weird, and if anything, that makes us unique and beautiful. It’s my mission to show other creatives that it’s OK to be the most unique and whimsical version of yourself, and that instead of being a barrier, this uniquely qualifies you to run a successful business.


All my mentoring sessions and coaching packages are totally tailored to suit your needs. No two people are the same, and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-nobody solutions.

Before the session we’ll discuss what subjects you want help with, and I’ll build a customised session around that.

During each session I am an open book, literally don’t be afraid to ask me anything. Stupid questions do not exist. I want you to have a fun and inspired time, and my biggest wish is to create a cozy and safe environment where you can be 100% yourself.


In coaching sessions we’ll go deep into your dreams, what you want your life to feel like, how you want to run your business and what will work for you. Coaching is all about you. About finding the answers that are already inside of you and figuring out the best strategies that will get you where you want to be.

We all work IN our businesses all the time, but when we don’t make time to work ON our business, we start feeling overwhelmed pretty damn fast. 

I truly believe that all of you deserve a business that serves you, your aspirations and dreams. It is only then that you can serve your clients in the bestest way possible. I love helping you make a step-by-step plan to get your work and life to run in sync.

Together we’ll find the answers that are already inside of you. We’ll figure out why you do what you do and how that makes you unique, we’ll nail down what your dream clients are and how you can make them happy, we’ll have a look into what you need to deal with your feelings of self-doubt, we’ll set realistic (and self-loving) goals for your life and business, and set up a pricing system that will sustain all of that. We’ll find answers to whatever it is that you are struggling with right now. And I’ll be your stick or your carrot – you decide which one you need – LOL!

How does it work and what does it include?

1 | We’ll hop on a 20 minute discovery call to get a clear idea of what it is you need my help with.

2 | We’ll settle all the paperwork and plan appointments for our video calls.

3 | We’ll have a super in-depth 2-hour coaching session to kick off your coaching programme.

4 | Over the next 3 to 6 months we’ll have five 60-minute coaching sessions to help you stay on track with your dreams and plans. You decide the pace.

5 | I’ll send you screen recordings of each session so you can go back to it whenever you need +  assignments and handouts whenever applicable.

6 | Ready to rock and roll!

€ 1125,-  incl VAT

one-to-one mentoring

It kinda sounds like coaching, but what is the difference?
In mentoring sessions we’ll address specific practical questions that you may have, and I’ll share every nugget of experience and information that I have on the subject.

One-to-one mentoring tailored to what you wanna know. You ask the questions and hear me out about anything and everything. Wether that’s questions about how I find my clients, how I edit, how I shoot, how I do client calls and sell albums, how I set up my pricing, how I deal with getting ghosted, where I find fresh inspiration and how I avoid getting stuck in comparison and feelings of self-doubt. I’m an open book.

Let’s get on a video call and have super good fun times!   

How does it work and what does it include?

1 | I’ll send you a questionnaire to get a clear idea of what it is you need my help with.

2 | We’ll settle all the paperwork and plan our video call.

3 | We’ll have a 1.5-hour mentor session to dedicated entirely to what YOU want to talk about.

4 | I’ll send you a screen recording of our session so you can go back to it whenever you need.

5 | Ready to rock and roll!

€ 225,-  incl VAT

online courses

There is no magic solution when it comes making sense of this thing called life – whether it’s about making time for yourself, getting things done, or starting and growing a business that gives you joy. The reality is that all of these things take time, dedication and lots of trial and error. 

No two people are the same, and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-nobody solutions. Therefore my courses are never a “proven 3-step-method to a better you”, rather they’re guidebooks to help you navigate your personal journey, gain more clarity on the road you want to take, and find joy in the process.

a guide for finding gentle focus and direction
in times of change

Ripple is a guide to help you find balance, gentle focus and direction in changing times. ⁠It will take you on a journey of (re)discovering the things that matter to you deeply and taking your life and business into your own hands. It will serve you a roadmap to follow when you feel lost, and a toolkit to carry with you for the rest of your life.
It’s all about creating small waves – ripples – to get closer to your dream life step by step by step by uncovering all those things that deep down you know but that you are struggling to bring into practice.

This guide is for you if

  • you’re struggling to decide what direction you want your life and work to go⁠
  • you want more clarity on what is truly important to you and need tools to make it happen⁠
  • you feel like an unguided projectile, working all the time in different directions but not feeling like you’re going anywhere⁠
  • you’re finding it hard to adapt to how the world has changed around you and find a “new normal”⁠
  • you need gentle structure and accountability to stay productive and feel fulfilled⁠
  • if you’re putting your own needs and wants last too often and are feeling drained because of it⁠
  • you want to connect with, be inspired by, and support other creatives⁠

Ripple comes in three formats

  • as an e-book
  • as an interactive email-course
  • as a course including 1 coaching session to dig deeper

The guide consists of

  • a 40 page e-book, built around four modules, with three chapters each and assignments for you to work on
  • 10 pages of complimentary journaling tips
  • a recommended reading list

Want to know more?

I’d love to answer all your questions and talk more about how I can help you. Let me know what you’re seeking help with in the contact form below!

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