On a rainy morning in mid-February I got to document the love between these two fabulous people. Nimue and Pieter live in a beautiful 1950s home in the heart of Flanders – which they have restored to far beyond its original glory, I might add. They share their territory with little tiger Mirabelle and two hens named Lillith and Liadan. Nimue is a life-style blogger who masters the art of ‘living the little things’ like no other, and who has turned being ‘occasionally lazy’ into a fine art.

During the darker, colder, half of the year, intimate home sessions are just the perfect thing. No need to go out and brave the weather when you can stay inside where it’s warm and enjoy the fire and a nice cup of tea. Right in the center of your own comfort zone it’s so much easier to relax in front of the camera. What I get as a photographer is trust, real connection and intimacy. And then all the magic happens.
Even though the weather is warming up now and the outdoors is calling, in-home sessions have a place in my heart forever. (And who says they should be a strictly winter-thing anyway? – If you agree don’t hesitate to drop me a line.)

I invite you to sit back and enjoy one of my favourite love shoots ever (don’t take my word for it because I think I say that about pretty much every loveshoot I do). Oh, and this one has music too, and moving images.

I like to watch TV with you,
There’s really nothing that I would rather do.
Then maybe we can go to bed,
Get up and do it all again.

― Eels